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PREMIERE: It's a Party of One in WILDE's Video for "Flashlight"

When romantic obsession goes too far.

What happens when unrequited love goes too far? As demonstrated in WILDE’s new video for “Flashlight,” the effects can be quite damaging. Off of the upcoming EP of the same name, the video for “Flashlight” chronicles one woman’s painful descent into delusion. Directed by Glenn Michael, the video heightens the sense of longing and fear found throughout the course of the song. Bound in insecurity and false hope, "Flashlight" illuminates a desperateness that everyone can relate to. In the video, empty plates are set for a lover who never shows, which culminates in the lovesick individual dressing up a mannequin in the guise of her absent partner.


Although the video’s treatment is masked in ambiguity, the song’s creation is less ambivalent. “Giselle was talking about some things she was going through. I think the lyrics had a lot to do with finding herself, and finding confidence in herself,” says the band’s Brandon Merenick. “She brought that concept to us, for us to work with. We liked the haunting part of her vocals, so we wanted to add on to that with some dark textures.” Draped in fantasy and pain, WILDE’s video for “Flashlight” spotlight's a harsh reality, with the best of intentions.