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Explore the Outer Reaches of Soul and Hip Hop with the Garage Punk of OBNOX on His New EP

The Cleveland artist is back, again. So soon.
February 17, 2015, 2:36pm

Nox is back. If the dozen-plus records in five years hasn’t already proven that Lamont Thomas AKA OBNOX is the hardest working guy in the game, not even a month following the release of his fourth LP, Boogalou Reed, he is ready to unveil a brand new single, “Carmen, I Love You.” Some of you are probably thinking, “it's probably just material that couldn’t fit on the LP,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For these two tracks, Obnox goes for a different feel by slowing things down a bit and ramping up the soul. When I spoke with Lamont upon the release of Boogalou Reed, he mentioned not being afraid to sing a love song in the middle of a punk club. “Carmen, I Love You” is the testament to that statement, and it finds Lamont is digging deeper into his soul and R&B roots than his punk and garage. The flip side of that coin —as well as the EP — is “Gunpowder Blow,” which emphasizes a hip-hop aesthetic. Altogether, the EP serves as the perfect compliment to Boogalou Reed, with enough legs to stand on its own.

For a snapshot into the mind of Obnox, check out the brand new video for the track title of the EP above, then head over to iTunes to get yours today.