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Lord Dying's Gut-Busting New Video Pits Metalheads Against Yuppies

Watch a blood-splattered new clip from one of Portland's heaviest young bands.

Photo by Danger Ehren Photography

The video for Portland sludge fiends Lord Dying's new jam “Poisoned Altars” is over-the-top in every possible way. The clip begins with an unassuming flannel-clad dude getting blown away by an on-trend sniper, and evoles into a full-on war between the heshers and the yuppies (who roll up complete with sweaters and smug-ass grins). Keep an eye out for a Red Fang cameo, too—a literal passing of the torch between two generations of Portland heavyweights.


Musically speaking, “Poisoned Altars” serves up the same kind of piss and vinegar wrath we’ve come to expect from riff lords like High on Fire's Matt Pike or Crowbar don Kirk Windstein. The video ends in a massive explosion paired with the distorted crunch of the guitars, as the good guys win once again.

Watch it all play out right here:

Poisoned Altars came out on 1/27 via Relapse Records.

Jonathan Dick is lifting riffs on Twitter.