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Listen to Salva's 'Peacemaker' Mixtape, Featuring Every Good Rapper Ever

Salva assembles a murderer's row of hip-hop's past, present, and future for his new mixtape.

The Los Angeles producer Salva is one of the most diverse new names in all things synthetic, mechanistic, and kinetic. Dude was a mildly legendary promoter in Miami before he was legally allowed to drink, his and R.L. Grime's remix of Kanye's "Mercy" blew a hole in the space-time continuum, and he was the first guy to pull the no-brainer move of getting Freddie Gibbs and Young Thug on a track together. That track, "Old English" (which also features A$AP Ferg), shows up on Salva's new mixtape Peacemaker, as does his recent collaboration with L.A.'s Problem, "Motivated." Recorded in Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, Peacemaker features a murderer's row of hip-hop's past, present, and future stars, including Kurupt, E-40, Schoolboy Q, Bad Lucc, Ballout, plus new tracks with both Gibbs and Problem, each collaborator being pushed by Salva's alien grooves to go out of their comfort zones and into the stratosphere. Some tracks, such as the strip club ode "Anthem" and the hyphy tribute "Motel" are minimal and slinky, while others, such as opener "Freaking U," "Freaky Dancing," and the Problem vehicle "Moves 2 Make," hybridize kitchen-sink electronics with sweaty, dripping g-funk.


Listen to the tape below (or download over at and try not to get in a fight and/or pregnant.

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