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Listen to Hoodboi's Remix of Lido's "I Love You"

Feel the love in your <3.
October 16, 2014, 4:30pm

It's apt that the Norwegian producer Lido stylizes his name on Soundcloud with a heart emoticon. His tracks are imbued with a sugary, wide-eyed innocence, the sort of shit you can't communicate with mere words and letters. You need brackets and threes, combined for the ultimate display of fealty, respect, and passion: <3. as="" soon="" you="" click="" "play"="" on="" the="" soundcloud="" box="" below,="" you'll="" be="" transported="" into="" a="" magical="" land,="" land="" that="" i="" like="" to="" call="" hoodboi's="" remix="" of="" lido's="" "i="" love="" you."="" it's="" first="" track="" from="" upcoming="" ep I Love You Too (The Remixes), dropping October 27th, featuring reworks from his I Love You EP done by the likes of Obey City, Lindsay Lowend, and more.


Lido is bae. Hoodboi is bae. This remix is bae. Listen to it and feel the love in your <3.< p="">