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Sugar Stems' New Song Is So Ridiculously Sugary Sweet, It Will Give You Cavities

Better start flossing.

Sugar Stems, as their name might suggest, are so ridiculously sugary sweet. Not just sweet, but a mutant sweet—the type that combines the sweetest elements of several different kinds of sugary music: 80s radio rock, power pop, 60s surf rock, melodic pop punk, and maybe even some of your favorite TV jingles and theme songs thrown in there.

The band might be a little darker than the sound they’re giving off on their new song “We Only Come Out at Night” (not a Smashing Pumpkins cover by the way), but they are so wonderfully saccharine that they could make a song about your entire family dying and you’d be like, “Man, today is a pretty good day, let's get a frozen yogurt!"

Their album is out from Dirtnap Records on July 23. Check out the song below…