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Watch Fear of Men's Video for "Luna"

The Brighton trio pay homage to Marina Abramovic in this new video. If you don't like snakes, look away.

Fear of Men's frontwoman, Jess, fixes us with an unblinking gaze in this video for the chiming, melancholic indie-pop single "Luna." Directed by Weiss and Falvey with 4eyes TV, the video restages the work of performance Marina Abramovic's Rest Energy and Dragonhead, and thus even as a snake slowly coils itself round Jess' throat, even as her bandmate angles a bow and arrow at her body, mere millimeters from her heart, the singer stands sphinxlike. If there's a flicker of vulnerability in her eyes, she quickly quashes it—the song, on the other hand, tells a different story. In the grand tradition of British indie, this Brighton trio revel in the twist of emotions. Lifted from their forthcoming debut album Loom (out via Kanine Records on 3.22), "Luna" sparkles as she lays her emotions out on the doorstep for all to scrutinize.