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Watch Tinie Tempah Turn It All The Way Up In Cape Town, in His New Video for "Girls Like"

The UK rapper goes hard and heavy in the video for his latest club jam.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

“Tell J.K that I’m still rolling, tell Russell I’m a brand,” spits Tinie Tempah in his shiny new club banger “Girls Like”, his lyrics a distinct flavour of bad-but-good, tongue-in-cheek brilliance. The video, which is being premiered exclusively below, sees the London rap king dance beneath the blazing sun of Cape Town, surrounded by a slew of hot dancers making moves on the road outside.

Tinie explains: “With the video for 'Girls Like', we really tried to push the boat out and do something completely different to what we’d done before. We headed to some of the most beautiful parts of Africa to film this, and the participation of the locals gave it a really different energy and vibe. Africa is part of my heritage and this video shows me and aspects of my world in a way that I have never done before. I’m really inspired by South African house music at present, and this video represents that very authentically with plenty of dancing and loads of really cool moves.”

You can watch the whole video below: