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Recline Into the Electronic, R&B, and Dancehall Worlds of Gaika's 'Security' Mixtape

The Manchester artist's mixtape features Bipolar Sunshine, Mista Silva and more.
April 21, 2016, 9:34am

As part of Manchester's GREY collective, Gaika has been on our radar for a minute. Yet it was his track "Push More Weight", a collaboration with Mykki Blanco that really turned us on to his flamboyant, ethereal, intense yet laidback blend of industrial music.

Now, he's released an eight track mixtape called Security, which is essentially a navigation through the various worlds of electronica, R&B, and dancehall; peppered with Gaika's signature seasoning. Or, in otherwords, it's the perfect soundtrack to your 4/20 comedown, or wangover, or whatever you wanna call it. Y'know, that feeling when you wake up feeling a little more sluggish than usual and want nothing more than to sink into the smooth confines of your wheeled office chair.

Featuring the likes of fellow GREY compatriot Bipolar Sunshine, afrobeat star Mista Silva and more, it is a tape that's a remedy as much as it is fossil fuel for the future.