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PREMIERE: Becky Hill - "Caution to the Wind"

Becky Hill's debut track is a house-pop soufflé bound for the top of the charts.
July 22, 2014, 9:00am

You should know Becky Hill - she's the octi-octave heavy-hitter astride Rudimental's massive "Powerless". But if, somehow, you haven't yet heard that Rudimental song and therefore don't know Becky, you soon will. Her debut track as a solo artist is a sort of house-pop soufflé, built behind production and vocal melodies that will cement her into the UK Top Ten.

If you wondering what the track is about, here's what Becky has to say about it:

"All I could hear was the phrase ‘Caution to the wind’, which I really liked. I decided to write a song based around idioms. There are around thirteen on Caution like ‘Come hell or high water’ and ‘I’m going to go the extra mile’. They’re how I feel about myself and my music.”

"Caution to the Wind" is out now on Parlophone. You can buy it here.