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Style Rider: Cathedrals Are Never Without Their Leather Jackets

The duo share their packing list for tour.
September 6, 2014, 4:00am

Photo by Jennifer Skog

We're always hearing about bands' tour riders (who can forget that Van Halen refuses to be in the same room as brown M&M's, Britney Spears insists on bunless McDonald's hamburgers, and DMX requires three boxes of condoms and one gallon of Hennessey?). As for what they pack for tour? Not so much. When musicians hit the road, they're often gone for six months at a time, traveling in a beat-up van with little more than a duffel bag. The stuff they decide to bring along has to be comfortable enough to travel in, but cool enough to wear on stage—not an easy feat. So we're reaching out to our favorite artists to find out what they don't leave home without when they're embarking on tour. Chanel mascara? Black Chucks? That perfectly beat-up biker jacket that makes literally everything look infinitely cooler? We're about to find out, and we'll be reporting back with our findings each week.

When Cathedrals, a young unassuming duo from the Bay Area, tossed a synthy, soulful track called "Unbound" up on Soundcloud last winter, within a week, the song racked up more than 100,000 plays.

It wasn't long before they were signed by Neon Gold, and on Tuesday, their self-titled debut EP—featuring the aforementioned first single, along with the equally captivating songs "Harlem" and "Want My Love"—hits the shelves. (Our official recommendation: Go ahead and stream it now on Spotify.)


Although the young band hasn't done a whole lot of touring, seeing that they don't even have an official release to their name yet, Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins have already perfected their performance looks. In fact, the leading lady is so stylish and gorgeous, all red lips and hot-rolled hair, it's almost tough to believe she's the one behind the haunting, pining voice of the project.

Brodie’s rarely seen with her signature cat-eye winged liner and scarlet-colored statement mouth, both on stage and off, and she basically only wears black. But it's really, really stylish black—an aesthetic that suits their sound. Here’s what she’ll be packing when they hit the road next:


"Can't be without it."


"MAC lip liner in Cherry and lipstick in Vegas Volt—muah!"

"I got some great ones for cheap from ShoeMint, and I also love my Rag & Bone Harrow boots."


"I do dramatic kitty cat eyes with MAC fluidline eyeliner and big curled lashes. Purrrr."


"For my hairz. It smells so good!"


"I use my hands a lot onstage, and it flutters and moves in the most amazing way when I dance"

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