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Watch Roladex's Video for Their Dystopian Disco Jam "Glass Statuette"

It's dark and catchy.
September 7, 2014, 5:00am

Recently a dude from that bastion of pop culture, The New Yorker, started clogging up Twitter with examples of what he called “#perfectrecordings.” The list is still ongoing. Presumably the idea is to list every song in human history and therefore ensure that we have to site this New Yorker dude anytime we like anything ever again. Being predisposed to liking people who try hard (and fuck the notion of trying “too” hard; effort is lovely), I approve. The problem is that there is only one truly “perfect” recording: “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer. Everything else, in comparison, is chafe.


So what can every other song ever written do? One trick is try to emulate the Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder/Pete Bellotte masterpiece, even though the result will never quite measure up. A cherub isn’t God but I’d still hang with one, shooting arrows into loveless nerds. The new ((Pressures))/Roladex double-A split 7” on Medical Records and Disko Obscura is a perfect example. Both bands on the split, New Orleans’ ((Pressures)) and Seattle’s Roladex, offer up slices of Morodor by way of The Normal's minimal synth-disco fun (a mopey kind of fun, but still fun in my book). ((Pressures)) perform “The Voices,” the jaunty vocode the night away side and Roladex, with “Glass Statuette,” provide a dystopian disco ode to owning those you love. Both bands use vintage equipment BUT I WILL NEVER CARE ABOUT THAT. But both songs are incredibly catchy and dark. Hell I’ll even call them “perfect recordings.” Who the hell is going to stop me?

Medical Records was kind enough to provide Noisey with "The Voices" for streaming AND a brand spanking new Roladex video. Enjoy! And please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t let a music critic tell you anything, about anything, ever.

But Zachary Lipez is an exception to that. He's on Twitter - @zacharylipez.