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Stream Nothington’s New Collections Album, ‘Lost Along The Way’

Rarities, covers, and even acoustic jams abound.

Lost Along The Way, the new collections album from Nothington, is a wacky ride indeed. After a few rarities and b-sides in the band’s gravelly-as-heck style of punk rock, Nothington break it down for a few acoustic jams. There’s something very strange, yet very right, about hearing the band’s frantic energy strewn over acoustic guitars. The album ends with four live songs, recorded in Germany, where Nothington showcase just how loud and obnoxious they can be, just in case those acoustic tracks gave you the impression that they were a bunch of softies. There’s even a One Man Army cover and an Off With Their Heads cover. Ryan from OWTH even makes a cameo. (A voicemail calling the band members “stupid fucking idiots” and “dumb monkey brains” constitutes a cameo, right?)


If you’re looking to jump on board the Nothington ship, Lost Along The Way would be a weird place to start. You should probably pick up their most recent album, Borrowed Time first and have your mind blown. Then, when you want to hear the weird shit on their cutting room floor, graduate to this album from Red Scare Industries.