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Karman's "Yew" Is the Floating Banger You Need to Get Through the Rest of Your Day

Beverly Hills producer and SBE-affiliate Karman is back is a soaring track ahead of his new EP 'Heaven Complex.'

Photo by John Clayton Lee

Beverly Hills producer and SBE-affiliate Karman is back with a soaring track ahead of his new EP, Heaven Complex, out this spring. Like most Karman tracks, "Yew" is the kinda song that instantly evokes images and landscapes like the score to a retro-futurist Nordic birding documentary. Fresh off the heels of Sam Smith's Oscar-win for “Writing’s on the Wall” from the James Bond film Spectre, I couldn't help but imagine how much "Yew" would bang as an out-of-left-field Bond intro sequence song; wherein new Bond casting Idris Elba (OK—not yet, but god willing) weaves through an icy CGI dream world. Please clap.


We had a quick interview conducted via Neopets app DM (by the way, Neopets is a virtual pet website where virtual users create virtual accounts, raise virtual pets called "Neopets," and buy virtual pet toys).

Noisey: Alright, tell me about this track.
Karman: “Yew” is something I’d been working on for a couple months synonymously with my upcoming Heaven Complex EP. This track has changed a lot over the course of this time and in a surreal way I feel like I have with it. From my perspective, when I was making “Yew”, I kept feeling how the transitions in the track mirror the way life can bring you down to this point where you never wanna get back up. Then time goes by and you're smiling and you forget how you could have ever felt so low.

I'm hung up on how this would be a sick intro song for a Bond movie -- or maybe retroactively dubbed over the Die Another Day intro sequence.
I saw Die Another Day in theaters with my friend and his mom when I was six years old. I have this faint memory of something really bad happening that night.

Did you block out the memory
I think I might have.

Why did you want to release "Yew" prior to the EP?
Are we not gonna talk about the night I saw the James Bond movie?

OK tell me about that night.
I'd rather not.

I created a Neopets account for this?

Stream Karman's "Yew" from his upcoming EP Heaven Complex out this spring.

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