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Life and Death With Parking Lot Experiments

The Melbourne four piece want their new single “Live Long” played at their funerals.
March 1, 2015, 11:11pm

The Taylor-Swift-remix-loving, Parking Lot Experiments stepped from the studio late last year with "I'm Not Scared", the first single from their upcoming album.

They then stepped away. To where, we’re not sure but today the guys are back with "Live Long", the euphoric second single from the album.

Recorded by Jonathan Boulet (who also recorded the album), "Live Long" begins with some soft instrumentation before jumping into an inventive off-kilter ballad about life and death. It's a pop song but one that pushes the limits to what is often considered pop nowadays. Imagine a non sucky Polyphonic Spree playing an NBA halftime show with mascots dunking off mini tramps.


We chatted to Dave Connor about what the song is all about.

Noisey: Does "Live Long" deal with life and death?
Dave Connor: Yep you got it. I often fantasise about dying suddenly. I've got this feeling that it's going to happen sooner rather than later, and "Live Long" is for when I'm gone. It's my eulogy combined with things that I'd like to tell people but I can't. It's also a love letter to everyone in the world.

Is using personal experiences in music a positive or a negative?
In terms of art, positive. But for me, making this album was really difficult, because of the amount of personal stuff involved. And to be totally honest, now that it's done I'll be happy if we don't delve that deep again. Also, I'm pretty scared of how some particular people are going to react to some bits.

What’s Jonathan Boulet like to work with?
Very zen. He was totally determined to not put his personal ideas into what was happening. A few times we wanted his opinion and it was a battle to get it out him.

Did his new sound influence the way he records?
Not at all. His new sound is like another weapon for his arsenal. The dude is startlingly good at recording and mixing really different types of stuff. Hey Jono!

Catch Parking Lot Experiments at the following places:
March 20 – Adelaide at Ancient World
March 21 – Melbourne at Hugs & Kisses
March 27 – Sydney at Goodgod
April 18 – Boogie Festival