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Welp, Here's a Video of Post Malone Saying the N-Word

Not a great look for the "White Iverson" singer.

Texas rapper/singer Post Malone has made major waves this year off catchy emotional fare like "White Iverson" and "Too Young," but many questioned his intentions in hip-hop after old video surfaced of him doing whimsical synth pop in short-shorts and elsewhere performing a spot-on folk cover of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" under the name Austin Richard. This week a clip from Post's Vine account was unearthed by the hip-hop forum KanyeToThe that features the rapper casually watching Animal Planet and remarking, with another white friend on camera, that "We watch Too Cute, nigga." The original Vine has been deleted, but a forum user captured it on YouTube (see below). Post getting caught using the n-word arrives just weeks after Breakfast Club host Charlemagne the God snarkily attempted to get Malone to drop the n-word on New York's Power 105, asked if he was a culture vulture, and grilled the kid about the Black Lives Matter movement, to which Malone gave a flustered "I don't know" reply followed by story about a Dallas kid who got killed by a police officer after tweeting a line from "Too Young" that Malone deemed "prophetic." Your fave is problematic…


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