NZCA Lines' Video for "Two Hearts" Is a Friday Banger

Three minutes of glittery escapism and dark disco-tronic grooves.
January 15, 2016, 4:11pm

Next week NZCA Lines a.k.a. Michael Lovett releases his second album, the unseasonably-titled Infinite Summer (if only!). We've been waiting for this sophmore effort forever, and premiered his babe-with-a-black-hole-for-a-stomach video for "Persephone Dreams" back in November. The newly released video for "Two Hearts" is a step away from the pensive, tummy-tugging atmospherics of his last single. This tune is more on a dark-disco-tronic trip. Very Moroder in the verse, before sliding in some laidback house vibes. The chorus is crushing. It's three minutes 22 of glittery escapism.

"I feel the video for 'Two Hearts' mirrors the song's alternating intimacy and bombast," says Lovett. "Lyrically the song is about isolation and the distance in a relationship, and here Sarah and I sing our parts separately, each alone in a void lit by blinding strobes and icy pillars of light."

Super shouts out to the ladies he's flanked by—Sarah (right)—who also plays drums in Hot Chip, and Charlotte Hatherly (left), former Ash guitarist and sometime Bat for Lashes ax-wielder. Watch below.

Inifinite Summer is out via Memphis Industries on 1.22.