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PREMIERE: Listen to Twin Cabins' Sax-y Make-Out Jam "Painfully Obvious"

That special someone you've been silently crushin' on? Call them.
October 2, 2015, 7:20pm

Well hello, weekend. That special someone you've been silently crushin' on—the one you've been locking eyes with for just a little too long before you both look away, flushed? Call them. Call them now and ask them to come over tonight. Tell them you want to show them that thing you discussed, that you've got some wine and it isn't gonna drink itself, that you want to tell them something, even though you can't imagine articulating how you feel. Put on Twin Cabins' "Painfully Obvious," and you won't need to say anything else.


The lush dance-pop groove is a sax-laden ode to the tension of intimacy, or in the words of project mastermind Nacho Cano, "a plead to be touched in order to feel anything else." It's the first single from the Mexico-born, LA-based producer's debut LP Harmless Fantasies, which drops November 13 via Sunset & Hyperion, and we're pleased to offer up the track for your listening pleasure below.

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