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Crookers' Video for "Picture This" ft Dilligas Is an Animated Effed Up Nightmare

Remember the internet sensation Techno Viking? He'd be all about this.
September 24, 2014, 2:36pm

Want a song to lose your shit to? Well Crookers—a.k.a. Italian dance whiz Francesco "Phra" Barbaglia—has served up a banger to blow out speaker systems and drive old people to dispair. It's fucking awesome. Meanwhile the video, courtesy of the warped imagination of London-based animation company

Plastic Horse

, is like

Eyes Wide Shut

if it turned into a full on gory horror flick and everyone was tripping balls.

But back to the music. Remember the Techno Viking? He was the beefy, benevolent Scandi dude with a braided beard, high-waisted cargo shorts, and a rippling six pack. We all fell in love when a video of him dancing extremely seriously, to techno, in the street, went viral. (Watch it below, it'll make your day.) His moves are beyond. His austerity in the face of such vigorous shape-pulling should be respected and admired. Sometimes I wonder what happened to that dude. I hope he's still dancing somewhere. I know for sure he would throw some freaky-ass moves to this Crookers smash.

"Picture This" is out now and Crookers' album Sixteen Chapel is out on 11/24 via Ciao Records.

Techno Viking! Are you out there? If so, please get in touch with Kim via Twitter - @theKTB