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Move Over Justin Bieber, Griffin Tucker is the Chillest Child Rockstar

He's got an army of fans that've tweeted me at least three times in the last week.
Ryan Bassil
London, United Kingdom
April 14, 2014, 9:00am

At some point in-between watching videos like this, this, and this, I came across Griffin Tucker. Here’s the video for his debut single “Girlfriend”.

As you can see – he’s a chill guy. He can shred the guitar, he can write pop songs that sound like a first kiss, and he’s way cooler than you were at the age of twelve.

Unlike other child-musicians that appease the fame-ridden dream of their parents or the troll-factory of Ark Music, Griffin does it “ALL FOR THE LOVE OF #ROCKnROLL”. He’s got his own army of fans (the GrifFAN army), his own merchandise (leather wristbands), and a CD (for sale on his website). He's currently raising money to make it over to the UK.

You may wonder why we’d bother with Griffin when thousands of children all over the world beat adults at talent. But I haven’t seen their video; I’ve only seen Griffin’s. Plus, I was really high and tweeted Griffin asking for an interview and he replied – “Coolness - I’ll have my Mom contact you” in a tweet filled with thumbs-up and smiley-face emojis. Totally adorb, right? At this point I felt unable to go back so, here we are. Meet Griffin.

Noisey: How did you get into music?

Griffin: When I was 5 years old, we went to the music store to get a guitar for my brother & I discovered the drums. I loved the way it felt to play them! I started playing seriously when I was 6. And the drums are still my favourite instrument, even though I love to play guitar & bass & piano too. It's all fun. Making music is pretty much my life!

Who are your favorites?

The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC & KISS

Who is your musical idol and why?

Sir Paul McCartney! He's had such a great career plus he's off the charts talented. I really hope that someday I'll have the same level of respect & longevity that he's had. He's incredible.

What's your favorite TV show?

I don’t really watch TV. I watch YouTube. Can you guess what I watch? Music videos! LOL!

What do kids do for fun these days?

A lot of my friends, including me and my brother, like to play games on the computer.

Do the girls at your school love you?

Not really cuz the girls at my school & I have known each other since I was 4 years old. So no, I wouldn't say they love me - they just think of me as the kid with the long hair that plays music. But we are all friends.

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