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Sleeve Notes: Salt Ashes

Salt Ashes has spent the last few weeks sleeping on floors in various cities, recording a single, and now she's made us an electronic-pop mix.

Sleeve Notes is a new series where we pick an artist and get them to make a themed mix. This week: Salt Ashes.

Salt Ashes sprung to attention last year with a cover of Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration". She's got a lot of great backing already: Clash said she managed to imprint her identity on the "Black Celebration" without "losing sight of the integral ingredients that made the original so special" and the follow-up single, "Someday", recieved props from Popjustice who said it was the perfect antidote for everyone currently waiting for Kylie Minogue to pull her finger out and they're not lying - "Someday" is an elegant slice of delectable electro-pop.

Anyway, Salt Ashes, who is actually 22 and called Veiga Sanchez, will be putting out her second single "If You Let Me Go" on October 20. The track was written and produced while sleeping on floors between Ibiza, New York and Berlin - which sounds like it was a bit of a task because no one wants to sleep on carpet but also sounds great because, duh, Ibiza, New York and Berlin are all incredible cities, regardless of your sleeping situation. In anticipation of the new track, Salt Ashes has made a mix for our Sleeve Notes series. It's suitably electronic - she's obsessed with Giorgio Moroder - but also includes a bunch of nice pop things. Take a listen below:

Salt Ashes plays Audio in Brighton on October 22. "If You Let Me Go" is out via Radikal Records on October 20.