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Behold as Borgore's "Ratchet" Destroys Your Childhood in One Fell Swoop

Why yes, this song does turn a song from your childhood into an anthem about ass-clapping.

Every morning, we wake up, a day closer to our inevitable demise. The world is a scary, inhospitable place, one where the natural order is constantly fighting against human society. Everything seems to be preparing for some sort of unseen societal breakdown where the world as we understand it crashes around our ears—China just copped to spying on us, a Northern Irish politician wants to ban homosexuality in his country, and Gucci Mane is threatening to write an autobiography. Life is hell.


Enter Borgore, the Israeli-born, apocalyptically popular EDM DJ who made a song called "Gloryhole," and literally broke Miley Cyrus. He lives on the fringes, outside of the realm of taste, decorum, or fealty to any sort of canon that you or I might respect. Behold, his newest single, "Ratchet," which we are premiering below. In the interest of full disclosure, it rewrites the beloved children's song "If You're Happy and You Know It" so that the lyrics are, "If you're ratchet and you know it clap your ass," before launching balls-deep into a devastating cock-trap breakdown that rattles both your teeth and sense of self before ricocheting back to the perverse eye of the storm. This song is completely beyond my critical faculties to assess, but I will say that you will want to listen to it at least once, in the same way that you'd want to watch a video of a dude you went to high school with fucking a horse at least once. "Ratchet" drops June 10th and is from Borgore's upcoming record, the charmingly titled #NEWGOREORDER, due out July 8th.


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