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Premiere: Become "The One" With Devontée's New Video

The larger than life rapper releases a video reminding you to be mindful of who you trust.

You wouldn't be able to tell that Devontée is a rapper from Toronto by looking or listening to him. Based solely on his larger than life persona and voice, Devontée fits the mold of a southern rapper almost too perfectly. His newest video for "The One" puts his booming vocals and winding flows on full display as the track's ominous drums, produced by Devontée, set the stage for the young rapper to talk his shit, proclaiming himself the new No Limit solider who serves the audio equivalent of that Bobby, Whitney, Lamar and Lindsay, and Barry. The video itself tells the tale of a home invasion, with the important lesson of "be careful who you trust" being the moral of the story. Though he's only 21, Devontée seems to have a bright future ahead of him as either a rapper, producer, or both. Check out his latest tape below: