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6 Gospel: We Thought Up Some Sermons for the Church in Toronto with a Drake Billboard

"Lord Knows," if Jesus will ever forgive us for this.

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It was only a couple months ago when Drake, formerly the Young Money Angel, christened himself as the 6 God for the city of Toronto. With that said, however, you can’t make a home of God without a house to hold its holy spirit. Thankfully a Toronto church by the name of C3 Toronto have heard the word of the godline bling and answered the call. Opening their doors and walls to the wisdom of Drake with a billboard stating what all of us already know to be true: “For God So Loved the 6.” Nevertheless, as disciples to His Truly we’ve taken it upon ourselves to suggest alternate scriptures through song and lyrics that could appease the woe-some warrior.


Know Your Lord, Know Your Worth

Running Through the 6 with Halos

Take a Shot (of Communion Wine) for Me

Over My Resurrected Body​

I know when that God line bling/ It can only mean one thing (that your lord and savior is calling)

Make God Proud

Hell No, Heaven Right
Shout out to the Gospel of Luke, I'm Out in Miami Too

3:16 With the Wrist Boy

Preach (This one wrote itself)

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings (Okay, fine we got lazy)

Special Thanks to our Spiritual guide

I know when that hotline bling It can only mean one thing (that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is calling me to his Kingdom)

— Bread Terry (@SlimiHendrix) August 23, 2015