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Here Are Some Crappy Cell Phone Videos of Blink-182's First Show with Matt Skiba and Not Tom Delonge

More like Tom De-so-long, are we right?

Photo by Clemente Ruiz for Famous Stars & Straps, the clothing company What is it about this blink-182 story that is so compelling? Here we are, after all, full-grown adults writing about a band of fellow full-grown adults who sing songs about being grounded and boners and whatever. And you, presumably also full-grown adults reading about it. Maybe it’s the fact that there is a truly Shakespearean narrative to this whole drama—a brooding hero scorned by his once-allies, usurped by a dashing suitor to the throne, doth protesting his desire to fuck a dog in the ass. All the elements of a classic comedy and/or drama. But you know, with more branded t-shirts. (This paragraph brought to you by Atticus™)


Last night was blink-182’s first show without alien conspirist Tom Delonge and the first with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. And while all we have to go off right now are these crappy cell phone videos, there’s honestly something that feels right about this whole thing. Like, maybe Skiba should be the full-time blink guitarist. Is it time to spend the weekend writing fan fiction set in an alternate reality wherein Skiba is the original guitarist? Oh man. Think about it. It's 1994, a young Skiba writes a bunch of blink-182 songs and there’s a lot more goth murder imagery in them. “Dammit” becomes “Goddamnit,” the Cheshire Cat starts shitting razor blades. Up is down, pink is black. John Kerry is President. WHAT THE FUCK, where were we? Oh right, the crappy cell phone videos. Here they are.

Aaaaaand here come the reaction videos:

Oh and want to commemorate the evening? Here you go:


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