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Some Kid at NYU Made a Short Film About Killing Drake

He's yet to get a grade for it, but his professor liked it!

OK, well, that's it, everybody. Wrap it up. But what is "it," you ask? Well, I'm going to just say that "it" is "humanity." We've hit a new low (or maybe this is a high? I don't know). Some kid at NYU made a short film (just shy of five minutes long) about the existence of being a Drake fan and trying to understand the 6 God. It's called If You're Reading This It's Too Late (like the mixtape!) and the film is in black and white. We could sit here and wax poetic about what this means about the greater human condition and, in particular, the young American male, but it seems pretty self-evident. We're all just self-centered douchebags.


Speaking with The Fader, the student who made it—named Chris Cole—who is yet to get a grade for the project says the following: "I was surprised because I wasn't sure how accessible the film would be to people who either don't know or don't care about Drake. There's a couple different layers to it, and I'm glad that it seems people are picking it apart and taking time to understand what's going on."

Anyway, here is the short film a college kid made about killing Drake. Enjoy!