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Get Amped! Here's Shonen Knife's Video for "Jump into the New World"

The Japanese pop punk legends may be celebrating 35 years in the game but they sound (and look) like giddy teenagers.

They might be celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, but Japan’s Shonen Knife certainly aren’t acting their age. Not, at any rate, if this video is anything to go by. Wearing spangly, silver dresses that could look like they’re out of an episode of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, the trio’s uplifting and energetic performance is matched only by the uplifting and energetic songs.

“This song is from our new album, Adventure,” says singer/guitarist Naoko Yamano. “When you jump into the new world, you might get nervous, but it goes well if you are with music. This song is like that. I hope you to listen this song and get energy!”

She’s not wrong. Full of shimmering girl group melodies and immediately hummable guitar lines, "Jump Into The New World" will make you leave you bummers behind. Watch below.