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Big Deal Return with 'Say Yes' and They Sound Totally Euphoric

The London band return with a new LP coming out on Fat Cat Records this summer and this scuzz-pop track is one giant, happy exhale of awesome.
March 14, 2016, 2:44pm

Not a shampoo ad, but Big Deal! Shot by Dan Wilson.

OK so we slept on this last week because shit was cray, but Big Deal, the East London crew who center around the super intense songwriting partnership of Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood, will be returning this summer with a third record, Say Yes, which took all of ten days to lay down but well over a year to incubate. Having released two records with Mute (Lights Out: sparse, terrifyingly honest in all the right ways; June Gloom: bigger, electric, Big Muff on lock), the band have since parted ways with the leftfield label and signed to Fat Cat Records. It's been a tumultuous journey for the Anglo-American pair (Alice is from London; Kacey's from LA), as everything they ever write about centers very intimately around love and being young and all the surge of emotions that involves. Broken down more simplisitcally, their first album was about longing and pining for someone you're magnetically drawn to but who feels just out of reach, their second album was about truly being with that someone, finally, and what that entails, and this third offering was written in the aftermath of their romantic relationship.


But judging from the title track and first single, this doesn't feel like an overwrought, navel-gazing examination of heartbreak, it sounds triumphant. "Everything works out right!" they howl to the heavens. "Say yes! Stay out! Never coming down!" It's a surging, scuzzy pop song that sprints towards a chorust where Costelloe hits higher notes than she's pushed for before. Utterly eurphoric.

We've loved them for a long time—obsessively listening to songs like "Dream Machines" (as delicious as "1979") or "Veronica," making them pour over their photo albums for a megalithic Scrapbook #tbt, or setting them the challenge of learning PS3's "Rocksmith"—so it's fucking exciting that they're back and sounding THIS GOOD.

Listen below.

Pre-order Say Yes on blue vinyl. It's out on 6/17 via Fat Cat Records.