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Listen to Proto Idiot's "Idiot Blues" and Remember What Fun Is

Proto Idiot sound like The Kinks, Soft Boys, and TV Personalities all at once—and they're stupid, stompingly brilliant.
Emma Garland
London, GB

Oh look, it's a visual metaphor for men on the internet! Just kidding, that's Manchester's Proto Idiot, who are a brilliant, stupid, stomping garage rock three piece featuring members of certified punk sensations The Hipshakes. If that sentence didn't feature enough endorsements to make you skip the next few paragraphs to immediately press play on "Idiot Blues"—the first song from their forthcoming album, which we're premiering below—then let me elaborate.


Proto Idiot sound like The Kinks, Soft Boys, and TV Personalities all at once. If you are an older person, they will remind you of when you were young and used to like things. If you are still in the prime of your youth, they'll make you want to go outside and drink a tinny in the park or do a prank on someone or whatever it is that brings you joy.

I am told they recorded their album, which is called FOR DUMMIES and comes out next month, for 20p and a can of spam, and is full of lunacy, merry melodies, and existential crises. If that sounds like something you'd like to experience, and to be honest if it doesn't then there's something wrong with you, then press play below.

Catch Proto Idiot on the following dates (*supporting LOVE):

May 13 - Eagle Inn, Manchester
May 26 - VegCafe, London
June 2 - Troubadour, Falmouth
June 18 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
June 23 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester*
June 25 - Leaf, Liverpool*
June 26 - The Crescent, York*
June 29 - Jazz Café, London*
July 1 - The Empire, Coventry*
July 4 - Komedia, Brighton*

For Dummies comes out May 27 via Bad Paintings and is available to pre-order now.