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JME Gave a Rare Interview... to the Official Pokémon Channel About How Good Pokémon Is

Gather, children, and listen to story of how JME went from no shiny charizards to lots of shiny charizards.

This article was originally posted on Noisey UK.

Nobody on this sweet planet loves Pokémon more than JME. Nobody. He makes animated Pokémon-themed music videos, raps about making your full 6 whitey, and (while they lasted) offered fans a copy of his Integrity> album on shiny gold vinyl in exchange for any shiny Charizard cards they still had in mint condition. It makes sense, then, that one of the rare interviews the MC has chosen to give over the last two years, would be with Pokémon's official YouTube channel.

Uploaded last night in celebration of Pokémon's 20th anniversary, Trainer JME is sitting in his home studio, gassed beyond belief, waxing lyrical about how the shiny Charizard has evaded him throughout the years, but things are coming up Pallet Town now, because he has an entire god damn plaque full of shiny Charizard variants acquired through swapping with fans and friends. He says he's gonna put it up on the wall somewhere in his studio to help him "spit flames on the tracks;" the only hype squad anyone truly needs.

Watch below.