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A Man Who Is Definitely Not Grey Gordon in Disguise Has Made a Documentary About Grey Gordon

Plus a very high-budget music video.
November 25, 2014, 6:38pm

Are you familiar with Grey Gordon? He is the emo scene’s go-to heavily face-tattooed guy with an acoustic guitar. In case you’ve never heard of him, let this video be an introduction. It’s a 10-minute documentary about him by Grey Gordon someone who is definitely not Grey Gordon named Greyg Odin. Let Odin tell you some classic stories about Gordon. (Unfortunately, the title Fifty Shades of Grey was already taken.) And then, once you’ve had your appetite for The Grey sufficiently whetted, there’s an incredibly well-made music video for his song “Barstools and Haircuts," which features some of the most amazing special effects and pyrotechnics ever seen in a documentary about Grey Gordon. The song is from Gordon’s album Forget I Brought It Up and now that you’re sufficiently familiar with him via this wonderful, 100% third-person account of him, you can pick up a copy via No Sleep Records.