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The Full Version of the Drake and Beyoncé Collab "Can I" Has Leaked, and It's so, so Seductive

The over-excited abbreviation we're all looking for is "OMFG."

A lot of things happen when you are sleeping—babies are born, your housemate will tip-toe to the fridge and steal slices of your luxury packet ham, small insects crawl into your nostrils and disappear forever. But last night something truly amazing happened. A track featuring Drake, Beyoncé, and OVO artist Sal Houdini leaked onto the world wide web and now you can experience it for yourself using the incredible power of hearing.


Originally surfacing on Tumblr, the collab has since been reported by sites like Rolling Stone, HypeTrack, and Jezebel (who mostly just wanted to call Drake a "mewling emo"), and it's basically everything you'd expect an OVO x Queen Bey collab to be. Drake laments his flaws, reps the 6, and is generally really Drake about it all with lyrics like "Before I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you wanna be." Beyoncé mostly just repeats the lines "can I" and "baby" yet still manages makes them sound like the most loaded, seductive words in the English language. And Sal Houdini's verses are like a fat drizzle of maple syrup over an already delicious pancake stack.

The trio have worked together before on Beyoncé on the album track "Mine", but according to Four Pins, "Can I" was originally meant to appear on Drake's forthcoming album Views from the 6. Listen to it (via Okayplayer) below.

With sparse lyrics and a minimal piano line, it's quite possible this isn't the final cut, but even so, it ought to pacify some of the fans who are really pissed at her for pouring a bottle of champagne that costs two month's rent into a hot tub in the video for "Feeling Myself".

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