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Pour Up the DrinkQT, QT's "Hey QT" Video Is Here and It's Awesome

Hey QT? Yeah? This video rules!

OMG! Guys! Yeah? There's something I want to say: "Hey QT," the song by British musician/self-stylized global sensation QT is awesome. It feels as bubbly and exciting as the semi-fictional energy drink it purports to be a brand tie-in with; it captures the feeling of having a distant crush—or any crush, really—perfectly. It's the kind of song that you wish would go on forever because as long as it's playing you're always on the brink of elation. When I saw QT perform in Austin last week, making fake phone calls, hitting the same precise dance moves the video above showcases, and striking stylized poses with the utmost charm, I was transfixed. I was blown away. It was awesome. The whole show was one song, and it was the best song I heard and best branded experience (for DrinkQT, the aforementioned energy drink, which really existed there in can form) I had all week. I love all brands, but I love the QT brand the most.


What is the QT brand, you ask? According to the press release for the "Hey QT" video, which it would be remiss of me not to quote, "The 'Hey QT' video provides a glimpse of Thomas in her laboratory, where both energy elixirs and club sensations are concocted and distilled. 'Tastes fizzy, looks bouncy, feels QT.'" QT adds, "I just want to make people feel connected to themselves and to others. To feel energized and vertically aligned. Like bubbles rising to the surface of a shiny, silver can." You have to admire a brand like that!

Anyway, now we have the video for "Hey QT," the single that tore up the internet charts last year, via QT's new label home XL, and it's exactly what any of us would hope for! It's slick, it's fun, it's poppy, there are cans of DrinkQT everywhere, digital love is in the air, and Beats headphones are prominently placed in what could either be a sponsorship or a commentary on sponsorship because who the fuck knows. The bottom line is QT is totes adorbz, and this video is the best!

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