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"I Would Love to Experience Being a Vapour": Here's a Spiritual Interview with PC Music's QT

Noisey China caught up with the energy drink baron before a DJ set.

Aside from bringing your dope music content each day, the great thing about Noisey is that we have offices all around the world. You've probably checked out our pals in the United Kingdom. But what about Noisey Poland? Germany? Denmark? Did you know we have a Noisey office in China? That's right, Noisey China exists (and their site looks much nicer than ours), and every so often a guy like Wang Peng pops up in our inbox offering some delicious scoops.


This time around he spoke to QT, PC Music star and energy drink head honcho, ahead of her live shows in China. There's a lot of talk about connectivity, futurism, the genius of water, and natural energy. For someone who makes music that sounds like a sugar-addict throwing food colourings and manufactured powders around in a sweet factory, there's something very spritual about Wang Peng and QT's conversation. Read on below:

Noisey: What is your background?
QT: If you don't mind, I find it dull to talk about the past. Why not talk about who I want to be in the future. Or even right now… I am sitting in a glass chair in my lab. My desk is covered in sticky notes, QT cans, various foil decals, transparent folders… I can hear the hum of the QT machine one floor below. It is made out of metal and constantly beeping and making very loud drip sounds. Occasionally I check on its progress or watch it distribute liquid into each can…. a large part of the time I am on my devices talking to qts via @drinkqt. I feel so connected to my fans on and off line and just feel grateful to get to see what each of them are experiencing in their everyday worlds. So often we are in sync and I feel like we are connected.

Have any new artists influenced you and your work?
The most influential movement to me is when liquid becomes ice. Amazing that water can separate and evolve but still remain connected to a larger entity.


What genre would you categorise your music? Or do you even consider your music any genre in particular?

How would you expect the Chinese audience to take your music? What reactions and expectations do you have in mind?
I am so excited about the China shows in particular… I get excited thinking about audio environments being translated to a taste pallet and how that affects one's experience listening to music. My concerts are more sensory based, not limited to one form or way of appearing.

QT is a music project consisting of A.G. Cook, Sophie and yourself - Quinnton Thomas. How does your trio work?
It is my song, my drink and my formula. A. G. and SOPHIE are my friends who I love and love working with. The two of them were exactly what I wanted, a perfect mixture of sticky and sweet. Initially I had to be very stern with A.G. who kept playfully sneaking in hints of other brands into my song. He is so good with production I almost didn't notice! SOPHIE is just as naughty, initially using the same bubbles in my song that came from another fizzy drink - Lemonade (thus advertising for his own song in my song). I made SOPHIE come to the lab and use the sounds from the actual QT instead of a synthetic version (I do think it makes a big difference). In the end I was very happy with both of them and even gave them a lifetime supply of QTs so we can be connected all the time. We have a few more songs in the mix at the moment…. Will be interested to see what you think….


Who does what in this secretive combo?
If I had to compare SOPHIE to elements that exist currently it would be Helium (He) as he is quite elusive and silly. If I had to compare AG to an element it would be Mercury (Hg) as I think he has a unique ability to read people and redistribute heat. Did you know that if you send an electrical current through Mercury vapor it creates an ultraviolet light? In this configuration I would love to be the current. Or the light.

Is there anything we don't know about?
At the moment I am working on a lot of new content. New songs, new energy, new ways of connecting.

Something completely fresh?
I will continue evolving. I don't ever want to be fixed or static. Making new things is the only thing that is interesting to me. Other than dancing. I love to dance so much.

Why did you always aspire to make an energy drink?
So much about what I do is about connecting. Connecting with people and creating sensory experiences and environments. Music is only one part of that. DrinkQT is another part of that. There are so many ingredients to consider… For me it's a very natural energy but some people say it's out of this world…

Why an energy drink though?
Energy drinks are like battery-packs for society supporting individuals who are ready to be connected to their own personal source. I noticed the potential and wanted to create my own product, different from those currently on the market.

Some might associate your style to Harajuku or vaporwave, with the neon shocking colours contrasting with subliminal contemporary art references. What do you think of these styles?
When I lay in bed at night and think about what I want to be like in the future I hope that I will have the ability to change different forms the way water can. I would love to experience what it feels like to be vapor. I would greet my friends by enveloping them in a cloud of liquid vapor and they would know me by the way I feel. Hopefully it would be energizing for both of us…

What do you think of virtual reality?
I love this question. I hope in the future I can connect with qts in a different way. Outside of @drinkqt… I can only imagine there will be new ways to experience each other. Telepathy has always interested me but I want it to be even deeper. "Hey QT" is about that moment where you sense the presence of someone even if they are not there. It does not take a physical cue, you can feel them without seeing them. Would be amazing to able to experience songs as scents or text messages as light arrangements. There is so much potential in the future I am more than ready for these new forms. I can't wait to see China!

Thanks QT!