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Check These Photos of Cuntz Across America

Last year Melbourne band Cuntz toured across the United States. Here is some photographic evidence of their shenanigans.
November 19, 2014, 3:15am

Last year Melbourne band Cuntz toured the United States of America. They named the tour ‘Cuntz Across America’ and it involved a lot of cheap beer, a lot of yellow colored food and some killer shows with bands like the Gary Wrong Group, Pop. 1280 and GG King.

Chunklet Industries have just released Here Come the Real Boys…Live in the USA a collection of the band’s live tour recordings taken from radio station WFMU, Brooklyn’s Death By Audio, Gonerfest and the Earl in Atlanta.


Featuring classics like “Never Felt Better”and“Casual Drinker” the record captures the booziness and belligerence of a typical Cuntz show with vocalist Ben Mackie’s between song banter/baiting and blown out guitars.

The band also have an upcoming 7” on Florida label Total Punk records.

Their Melbourne buddy/roadie/tour manager Stephen Fischer who now calls New York City home snapped some quality tour moments. The band wrote the captions.

Ben at the start of the tour looking pretty ripped.

Mike tries his luck for the first time (unsuccseful)

Three is the right kind of crowd. Boish will be boish (sic).

Ben enjoys a traditional 'Cleveland whores bath'.

Post suboxone, Lewis is indifferent to his sandwich.

Sweet release for Dom.

King Keesh

Mike tries his luck for the second time (unsuccessful)

Cuntz play live at rock school (Located in Davis. The worst place on earth.)

Ben at the end of tour not looking ripped at all.

Cuntz launch ''Here Come the Real boys.. Cuntz Live in the U.S.A" in Melbourne November 21 at the Liberty Social with Power, Exek and Lucid Castration.