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Get Ready for the Summer with BOYTOY's Debut Self-Titled EP

Scuzzed up guitar rock perfect for a rooftop BBQ, midnight bike-ride, or boozy beach luau.
May 13, 2014, 2:25pm

If you're wearing a t-shirt and shorts today that's because The Day has finally arrived. Welcome, glorious sunshine, bringer of the hot summer daze and cool summer nights. A few months back, in the dead of winter, Noisey premiered "Shallow Town" from Brooklyn trio BOYTOY, a veritable prophecy of coming warmer weather and an ode to the superficial beautiful summer fashion show/hook-up season.

BOYTOY's debut self-titled EP, which Noisey is happily premiering and streaming below, is full of poppy hooks, giddy drums, and is perfectly timed for the upcoming steamy months when we all decide to wear no clothing and prowl the city for other people wearing no clothing. But while superficial pop melodies will quickly get hips swinging, the EP isn't afraid to swerve into the cool boozy nighttime when rooftop rages giveaway to the vertigo of a fire escape. Hear that Autumn? We're in no hurry.

Cop it on iTunes and Vinyl.

Josh Schneider is wearing no clothes always. He's on Twitter@jshmsh