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Seinabo Sey's Firsties and Faves, Plus "Hard Time" Gets Remixed

Swedish-Gambian singer's second single gets a sparkly summer remix.

On every track, Seinabo Sey comes out hitting like a boxer. She’s been blessed with a hell of a voice, and damn if she isn’t going to use it. Bluesy, brooding, and driving, her vocals combine with electronic soundscapes to produce a righteously powerful effect. She may be from Sweden, but her rich voice brings to mind much warmer climes, which can perhaps be attributed to her Gambian roots. Seinabo Sey owes a lot to remixes: Norwegian electronic musician Kygo brought her into the limelight last year with his remix of her song “Younger.” Now, her second single “Hard Time” has been given a synthy Balearic twist by UK newbies OutRun, premiering above. Check out the original below, plus Seinabo's Firsties and Faves.


First famous crush:

First concert you went to:
Probably one of my father's concerts, but still I remember Destiny's Child played in Stockholm when I was around 14, and I was totally blown away.

First rule you broke:
I must have broken some rules before this, but I strongly remember being scared shitless when I called my father to tell him about my first tattoo. First time you performed:
I was 12 and I sang the Alicia Keys & Usher duet "My Boo" with a classmate.

First song you ever wrote:
I remember being around nine writing a verse that went "see me and I will show you what happiness really is she doesn't love you like I do" haha.

Favorite song to sing in the shower:
Erykah Badu - "On and On."

Favorite bed you’ve ever slept in:
This suite at a hotel named The Thief in Oslo.

Favorite memory:
My father and me singing in Gambia last year.

Favorite cartoon character:
Huey of the Boondocks. Favorite karaoke song:
"Single Ladies" - Beyoncé.

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