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Bask in the "Summer of Love" with Ennui's Languid New Song

The Pittsburgh synth artist shares the pretty seasonal jam you need off his upcoming album 'Telepathic Beat.'

Photo by Peter Pawlowski

Time in late summer has a uniquely stretched-out quality, in which it seems to always be late afternoon. The light feels especially golden, and your default emotion becomes a sort of languid, dulled contentment. It's a great time to be in love, or simply to daydream about the feeling. Whichever of these you're feeling, "Summer of Love," the seven-minute synth epic from Pittsburgh's Ennui that Noisey is premiering below, should work as the perfect soundtrack. Light, airy, and a little bit surreal, it's like a synthpop radio single that's been put through a taffy pull. Its washes of synths simmer and slowly evolve over a persistent beat as Ennui's Jim Doutrich takes different stabs at the idea of love and his "dream girl."

"Summer of Love" is on Ennui's upcoming album Telepathic Beat, which is out September 23. Check it below, download it immediately, and scoop up your crush to head for the nearest body of water.