This story is over 5 years old.

The Front Bottoms' New Video Makes Murder Fun!

Watch Kevin Devine, Chris Gethard, and Sal Vulcano get brutally murdered! Good times!

People who have never explored New York outside of their little Manhattan/Brooklyn-transplant bubble always ask, “What is there to do on Staten Island?” A great question.

Well, Staten Island’s rich cultural history make it a great place to just hang out with your buds in your backyard. Maybe you find a dilapidated trampoline and you jump on that dangerously for a while. And maybe native Staten Island emo legend Kevin Devine stops by and jumps with you! But then things go horribly wrong as he impales himself on one of those tiki torches your dad bought at Home Depot. Whoops! Sorry, Kevin!

But it’s OK because your neighbor Sal from Impractical Jokers shows up with silly string! (This had to be clarified because all of your neighbors are named Sal.) But then you forget that the stuff is flammable and he goes up in a fiery blaze. What a sick herb. (“Sick herb” is what you call people who are sick herbs.)

Since you’re hungry from all the death, New Jersey comedian Chris Gethard takes a break from humiliating himself on public access television and brings pizza! (Hopefully it’s from Denino’s because Goodfellas is kinda overrated, to be honest.) Wait, but Chris is allergic to peanuts but you put them on his pizza anyway as a joke. So he’s dead now too.

So three murders and a pizza. That pretty much sums up the Staten Island experience. But here, let the Front Bottoms do a much more hilarious job of painting the picture for you in their new video for “Backflip” which was filmed on Staten Island by a bunch of Islanders and is reminscent of the Stella shorts that were so ridiculously weird and entertaining. Fortunately, no one gets dry humped in this. "Backflip" is off of the Front Bottoms' Talon of the Hawk, which was the funnest album of 2013. Buy it and invite your friends over to listen to it in your backyard. Have a fire extinguisher ready.