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Listen to Justin Martin's Rad Remix of Charlotte OC's "Strange"

Today just got better.
September 5, 2014, 4:45pm

Recently Charlotte OC described her music—

to Noisey UK

—as "gospel soul house influenced music" which is proof positive that artists find it nigh on impossible to describe what they create. Which is fine, that's not their job. Charlotte's job is to compose and deliver beguiling torch tunes best consumed with a large glass of red wine, sporting some slightly smudged eyeliner. See the video for "Strange" (below) as evidence. She blends Bat for Lashes' cosmic mystic pop, Stevie Nicks' breathless vulnerability, and possesses the vocal chops to keep up with Adele. This is all to say that Charlotte OC is One. To. Watch. (Although you should really listen to her too. Watching her on mute is creepy and not to be encouraged.)


Above is the premiere of

Justin Martin's

remix of "Strange." Here the San Francisco beatmaker has morphed the molasses soul of her recent single into a glitchy yet still atmospherically downtempo rework featuring organic beats as much as canned cuts. And wait, is that a harp? Whatever, he's done a bang up job. Love it.

Charlotte OC's Debut Tour Dates

9/08 - Los Angeles, CA @ School Night at Bardot
9/09 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe
9/11 - New York, NY @ Slipper Room
9/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory