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Ponder the Meaninglessness of Life in Wreck and Reference's New Track "Apollo Beneath the Whip"

Let's just listen to music till we die.
May 29, 2014, 7:22pm

On Wreck and Reference’s last record No Youth, there were rare moments where clouds of abrasive noise and paranoia and seemed to part briefly, giving way to quiet and contemplative movement, kind of like the eye of a storm passing over the listener before leaving you where you started. If “Apollo Beneath The Whip” is any indication, then it appears those moments have been stretched out, dissected, and explored for the group's upcoming LP Want. It’s fitting that the track could almost be considered a ballad by W&R standards, given the band’s always seemed to have a sound deserving of arenas as opposed to the dive bars and DIY venues they’ve cut their teeth in. This summer, they'll hit the road with Deafheaven and Pallbearer, but until then immerse yourself in the soundtrack of unsettling caustic loneliness which is, lol, existence.