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The Yeezus Tour Is Back, So It's Time for More Kanye West Rants: The "Shut the Fuck Up Charlamagne, Sway" Edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's currently just after three in the morning. For some reason, I'm awake—probably because House of Cards went live on Netflix like 20 minutes ago and I couldn't bring myself to go to sleep without watching at least one episode. Anyway, I'm happy I'm awake, because there is a new Kanye West rant, which for me—someone who has maybe once upon a time been recorded on video saying that he would consider sleeping with Kanye West—is kind of like a national holiday.

In this edition, Kanye calls out Sway and Charlamagne Tha God for the shade they each threw at Yeezy in separate interviews in the past few months. He screeches about it for awhile, and it's intense. Then we get an a capella rendition of "Can't Tell Me Nothin'," which, for the lack of a better word, rules. Then we get a calm rendition of telling Sway and Charlamagne to shut the fuck up. Then he calls himself Yeezus in the most baller way possible.

Anyway, it's above. Watch it. Enjoy it. Live it. Happy Valentine's Day.

Eric Sundermann will now watch the first episode of House of Cards. He will be tired at work tomorrow, but it will be worth it. He's on Twitter@ericsundy