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Cage The Elephant's Video for "Take It or Leave It" Makes Roller-skating Super Sexy

It features Juliette Lewis and some sweet, sweet rollerskate moves.

Cage The Elephant have a new video out for single "Take It or Leave It"—lifted from their third album


and here are 10 things we like about both the song and the video:

1. The out-of-this-world old school roller skaters pulling some exceptionally sweet moves on the polished wood floor. As if you needed further reiteration that rollerblades are truly not a design improvement.

2. The fact that this video looks like the recording of a show you stumbled upon in your creepy Uncle's basement. Like, who knew Uncle Jed had a secret rollerskating fetish. On the basis of this, we don't blame him.


3. The plinkety-nimble guitar line that shimmies its way through this song.

4. The super babes in short-shorts, knee-highs, and Farah Fawcett flicks. Sigh.

5. The Juliette Lewis cameo! Those dimples! That breathy introduction! That spangly vest! The way her smile sparkles! Girl's still got it. In fact she had this to say about their collaboration: "You must be wondering what is the Juliette Lewis/Cage The Elephant connection. Well, we met about 10 years ago at this wacky after hours and we realized I was their long lost adopted sister. Years later, they're like, 'Hey, we're making a video—do you roller skate Juliette?' And I'm like, 'Fuck yes I can and I've won championships.' So then I put my skates on, I show up, Matt puts on his heels and now we have "Take It Or Leave It"."

6. The intro referencing Topeka, Kansas which always makes us think of that scene in Almost Famous where Billy Crudup gets wasted on LSD, climbs a roof and shouts: "I AM A GOLDEN GOD!" at a bunch of wide-eyed suburban teens. That film never gets old.

7. Lasers.

8. Just in general the retro sheen of this song is extremely pleasing to the ear.

9. The lithe vocal melody.

10. Flares. Sometimes we get bored of boys wearing circulation-restricting jeans. There's just something deeply uncool about seeing a man's calf muscles straining to break free from Lycra blend denim. Just sayin'.

According to CTE's Brad Shultz the band are working with Juliette on some other upcoming projects. INTRIGUING. Meanwhile singer Matt had this to say: "I wanted the video to have a roller-skating disco concept and my long-time friend and music video director, Isaac Rentz replied, ‘You're not going to believe this but I have a sick hook-up who can get us some figure roller-skating world champions!’


"We gazed into each other's souls through the windows of our eyes--eyes that danced on unspoken, secret plans for roller-skating music video euphoria in conception. We spit into our hands and shook on it. Then, wordlessly, we made small cuts on the tips of our index fingers, rubbed them together and became blood brothers. We never actually filmed the video, it just leapt from our shared imaginings into the world, vital and fully-formed.”

Yeah, so, we'll have what he's having.


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