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Parlovr Just Announced Their Next Record - Here's The First Single

It's called "You Only Want It Because You're Lonely." I guess that means we're lonely.
March 7, 2012, 1:05pm

Meet your new favorite band.

I'm really happy today! It's nice out, I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper, and Montreal trio Parlovr just announced a new record. It's called Kook Soul, and it's coming out on Dine Alone Records on May 15.

They just sent me their blurry, zoned-out new single, “You Only Want it 'Cause You’re Lonely,” and I jumped on it. Maybe because I'm lonely.

It's an absent minded, airy soundtrack to pregame summer on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s also straight up thearaputic to hear those guitars and drums come together like POW! Those moments sound like a punkier, less shit-techno-ey Passion Pit.


Check them out if you're down in Austin for South By next week—here’s the info on that one. Tracklisting and album art are below. Oh also, the cover of this record has a funny story behind it, but it's nice out and I'm lazy so I'll let the press release do the talking:

How hard is it to find a high-resolution picture of a random image on the internet?

After Louis fell in love with - but failed to pick up - a reproduction of this obscure painting in a junk shop, Alex spent weeks tracking down the original work ('Tête D'Amour' by Emile Wauters) by contacting several art history professors across North America and eventually discovering its whereabouts in a small museum in Liège, Belgium.

He then spent several more weeks corresponding with museum officials there to get a curatorial photographer to take a picture of the original and send it digitally. Louis even considered taking a cheap flight to take the photo himself.

One and half months of Indiana Jones style treasure hunting on the web has been worth it: the band couldn't find anything better than this image to fit the feelings of nostalgia and strange regret expressed on the record, 'Kook Soul.'

Cool, right?

Kook Soul Tracklisting

01. Do You Remember

02. Just Marriage

03. Holding on to Something

04. Now That You're Gone

05. Marries On A Sunday

06. You Only Want It Cause You're Lonely

07. 4000

08. Fisticuffs & Affidavits

09. Amaze-Me-Jane

10. General Hell (True Love Fades)

11. Bad Faith

12. It Only Happens To The Ones In Love