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Go Back to the Future with Josh Berwanger in His New Video

He's a former member of The Anniversary turned solo artist turned time traveler.
November 18, 2013, 6:52pm

As we once learned the hard way

, you should never ever give former member of The Anniversary, Josh Berwanger, your phone number. Well, we did once and ever since, he has been routinely texting us weird photos of obese dogs, monkeys playing basketball, and other things to file under "Can't Unsee."

A few weeks ago, he sent us some photos of a pile of random crap he must’ve had lying around his house. It looked like some sort of yard sale from the '80s. We finally caved in and texted back, “OK, Josh. We’ll bite. Whatcha got there?” He told us they were props from a music video he was working on. He said the video took inspiration from movies like The Lost Boys, Terminator 2, and The New Kids and that there were a bunch of symbols hidden throughout it. He also said he made it in his hometown of Nilbog, Kansas. (We’re not stupid, Josh, we’ve seen Troll 2.) Anyway, here we are a few weeks later and the video is ready and now all those random '80s toys kind of make sense. Now if you’ll excuse us, Josh is texting us. …Oh look, it's another photo of himself…