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Miguel's "NWA" Video Is Out and Miguel Remains Incredibly Cool

Breaking news: Kurupt is also still awesome.
July 28, 2015, 11:00pm

Man, Miguel is so fucking cool. Miguel is literally so awesome that I spent Fourth of July weekend just thinking about things he was probably really good at. He's even cool paired with minions. I can't help but imagine Miguel walking around LA in a dope leather jacket and cruising in a sweet vintage car with Kurupt. Now I don't have to imagine it. One of the many songs on his excellent new album Wildheart that's a reminder of this is "NWA," the G-funk tribute featuring Kurupt that doubles somehow as a sex jam about how sweet Miguel is (as all of his music kind of does in some way), and the video for "NWA" is out. It's a dope single-shot piece that shows Miguel and Kurupt doing exactly what you would hope they'd be doing, i.e. wearing a dope leather jacket and cruising around LA in a sweet vintage car, respectively. Ask and you shall receive. Check it out below:

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