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Jesse Lacey of Brand New: "This Isn't Going to Last Much Longer"

Is the emo powerhouse calling it quits?
October 12, 2015, 7:07pm

It's an understatement to say, but Brand New has always been an enigma of a band. Between long album release schedules, very limited in the way of interviews, and no real public presence, they've become one of the most mysterious and intriguing groups for a lot of people. The most recent public move was selling that brand new shirt on sale for an AIDS charity. Last night at a show in Nashville, TN (as well as their last scheduled performance for the year,) Jesse Lacey gave a heartfelt speech to the crowd before launching into "Play Crack The Sky." In the first video, Lacey voices his feelings on playing with the band, saying “Being in a room like this is really special. Personally, I don’t feel adequate, or worth it, playing on this stage. But, I know that Garrett and Vinnie and Brian are absolutely worth it.” In the second, he tells the crowd the next time they'd be in town they would have a new record, but "this isn't going to last much longer." The crowd goes nearly silent after, before Jesse tells them how much they mean to him.


Does this spell the end of the band as we know it, or another temporary hiatus after the new record? Let us know what you think in the comments.