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Premiere: Watch a Unique Seekae Performance In Complete Darkness

Using infra-red, thermal and night vision technology, we filmed the Sydney trio performing to an audience sitting in the dark.

A couple of weeks ago we asked Sydney trio Seekae if they’d play a gig where we could guarantee that nobody would be watching them. They seemed into the idea.

So the band played a unique, one-off show at 'LYNX Pitch Black'—to an audience sitting in complete darkness, and we had the whole thing recorded for posterity on video.

Directed by Exit Films' Chris Hill (Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Architecture In Helsinki) using infra-red, thermal and night vision technology, the video captures all the mystery, tension and fun of the performance and interaction.

Watch the video, set to the track “Test and Recognise" from Seekae’s The Worry LP, and see what happens when you fill an auditorium with an audience, interactive dancers, CO2 cannons, a dog, extra-strength bubble machines and then turn the lights off.

As Seekae’s Alex Cameron explains, the experience and performance was definitely one to remember for both audience and band. “Playing in total darkness, even with night vision goggles, we found ourselves relying on instinct and touch to execute the performance. There's no preparing for that kind of thing. It was odd, and a lot of fun.”

Lynx Pitch Black was produced in partnership with Noisey and LYNX.