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Revisit Our Three-Part Black Metal Docuseries "One Man Metal"

Featuring interviews with Leviathan, Striborg & Xasthur.

Black metal fan? If so, chances are you've probably resigned to let the music speak for itself, since many of the greats either don't do many shows or don't give many interviews. If you didn't know already, we caught up with the men behind a few great one-man black metal acts a while back for the three-part One Man Metal documentary series. Each episode explores the world and work of a different auteur, from Leviathan to Striborg to Xasthur. Now's a good time to revisit, since all three are making major moves this year. Check out Vice & Noisey's One Man Metal below, and head out to track down Leviathan's new album Scar Sighted and Striborg's latest This Suffocating Existence, and follow Xasthur's Scott Conner as he continues to pioneer the "doomgrass" as Nocturnal Poisoning.


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