This story is over 5 years old.

What Would Rappers Sound Like If They Had Ordinary Jobs?

Imagine Drake as a surly teenage waiter, begging for tips with his dulcet and smooth flow.

At this point in the Internet's life, we've dined out on so many videos where a guy does an impression of a rapper that our belly has bulged out and we need to lay down, face first on the bed, and never look at a computer screen again. Some of these impressions are mildly impressive, and the likes of Jay Pharoah and and Aries Spears have built careers off the mouldable material that sits between their vocal cords. Others, less so. We've all stumbled across some video of a guy covering a rap song while playing an acoustic guitar. Y'know, the sort of abomination that has the potential to push you toward an existential crisis where everything is bad and nothing is good and every man with a six-string guitar should be stopped.


With that said, it's clear that so long as humans have tongues, then humans will use those tongues to do impressions – which they will then film and put on the internet. The latest of these comes from a guy called J Cyrus, who has reimagined what it would be like "if rappers had ordinary jobs". How does he do this? He takes on the voices of Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Future, and more, and reimagines their lyrics to focus on the mundane aspects of the 9-5 employee, like mopping a floor or grilling some fries. For the most part, J Cyrus' impressions fall slightly short of the mark. But then, there's Drake. Drake is the one saviour of them all. His part is actually kind of amazing, in that you can absolutely imagine Drake as a surly teenage waiter, a real estate agent, and a restaurant manager.

Watch below: